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December 2017
Welcome to the second edition of #Share and best wishes to all our readers across Australia and overseas for a safe and happy festive season. 

In 2018, every Australian will receive a My Health Record unless they choose not to, which will transform their health journey. As Dr Michael Gannon, Australian Medical Association (AMA) President recently

"#MyHealthRecord is the future. Some of the worst funded areas of the health care system nonetheless leading the way on #eHealth. Importance of Diagnostic Imaging, Pathology and General Practice to patient care too often underestimated #auspol".

Digital health will be further transformed next year with the implementation of the Framework for Action which delivers the priorities in Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and SecureProviders, consumer and industry leaders, researchers and the governments of Australia are currently being consulted on the Framework for Action. 

1. Health information that is available whenever and wherever it is needed

My Health Record is encouraging all men to take control of their healthcare with the launch of our second My Health Record Communications Toolkit.

Morto's My Health Record story

Nick Morton is a young father and keen football player. Find out how he benefited from registering for My Health Record.

Tiger's My Health Record story

Tiger Corrigan is 72 years old, suffers from multiple chronic conditions, and lives in a remote area. See how My Health Record is assisting him. 
It's easier being a patient with My Health Record

Just ask Renee Downman, whose care experiences improved significantly when My Health Record arrived.
95 per cent of diagnostic imaging practices able to connect to My Health Record

There has been a major boost to diagnostic imaging access with 16 new software companies signing onto My Health Record.
Australia's largest pathology labs sign up to My Health Record

Pathology labs across the country will be sharing reports with their patients via My Health Record.

2. Health information that can be exchanged securely

Live tests of electronic discharge summaries are underway

Hospitals will soon be able to send safe and secure electronic discharge summaries to GPs and specialists using different messaging systems and clinical information systems.
Safe, secure, and putting you in control

The My Health Record has multiple layers of security and gives consumers more control of their healthcare information than ever before.

3. High-quality data with a commonly understood meaning that can be used with confidence

Smarter, better, faster: artificial intelligence is coming to healthcare

Moving towards an interoperable, atomic data approach to recording care will bear fruit for generations of health care consumers to come.
Dispense records go live in NSW

NSW Health went live sending dispense records to the My Health Record from a number of different sites around NSW.

4. Better availability and access to prescriptions and medicines information

Agents of change – Pharmacists going digital

Community, hospital, and academic pharmacists are encouraging meaningful clinical use of digital health technologies.

5. Digitally enabled models of care that improve accessibility, quality, safety and efficiency

Software vendors get on board with health care homes

General practices participating in the health care homes trials have been given over a year to begin using compliant care planning software.

6. A workforce confidently using digital health technologies to deliver healthcare

Engaging with Primary Health Networks to build sector capability 

A series of workshops are being held around the country, aimed at providing in-depth learning on the My Health Record Expansion program with Primary Health Networks and Jurisdictional colleagues.
GPs: Install the latest version of clinical information systems

Dr John Aloizos shares his views on how digital health benefits him as a GP.

7. A thriving digital health industry delivering world class innovation

Making new connections at the 2017 connectathons

We hosted simultaneous connectathons in Melbourne for secure messaging and clinical terminologies, the latter in collaboration with the CSIRO.
New cervical cancer test starts

Australian women between the ages of 25 and 69 will no longer have to visit the doctor once every two years for a pap smear. 
2020 vision of the future – the National Health Genomics Policy Framework

Genomics has great potential in the future of healthcare, so Australia’s health policy makers are considering its applications in their forward planning.