We are partnering with patients, citizens, frontline clinicians, industry and the research community to improve the health and well-being of every Australian through digital technologies.
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January 2018
Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure is a strategy for all of us. The work of implementing the strategy in 2018 will be the result of consultation, collaboration and co-production.

This year, we will be delivering the first priority of the strategy: the national expansion of My Health Record. New collaborations with partners in pathology, radiology and pharmacy will mean better access to key clinical information in My Health Record and we are working with the AMA, RACGP, Pharmacy Guild and PSA, among others, as well as colleagues in state and territory health services to support frontline clinicians to take best advantage of the service. We are partnering with consumer bodies and NGOs across the country – including the Consumer Health Forum – to prepare public communications for the initiative which will start later this year so that everybody is aware of their right to opt out, if they choose not to have a My Health Record.

2018 will also see initial implementation of the six other strategy priorities which will empower patients, the care professionals who serve them, industry, and researchers through better and more secure information sharing. The vision of Safe, Seamless and Secure is of platforms and standards which will support their innovation in a safe, digital eco-system.

Secure messaging and interoperability are among those priorities. We look forward to co-producing an approach to secure messaging with industry and clinical colleagues this year which will mean that all registered clinical professionals are able to use secure digital information sharing, rather than paper and the fax machine. We will be launching a major consultation on interoperability mid-year to invite the whole community to collaborate on designing connected health services in Australia. This country reports some of the best health outcomes in the world – but better use of data and digital technologies offers the opportunity for continuing improvement.

We look forward to working with you on this journey.

National Digital Health Strategy
Priority outcomes to be achieved by 2022

1. Health information that is available whenever
and wherever it is needed

A My Health Record for every Australian in 2018

The Australian Government announced in the 2017 Budget the creation of a My Health Record for every Australian by the end of 2018.
"A critical tool in improving patient care"

Dr Chris Moy shares how My Health Record will improve patient care in Australia.
Setting the agenda for communicating My Health Record

Thought leaders, frontline clinicians and the research community assembled to guide upcoming My Health Record communications activities.
Health Minister Greg Hunt joins our consumer forum in Frankston

We’re consulting with communities across the nation to ensure our digital health plans meet the needs of all Australians.
Getting your teeth stuck into digital health

Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham discusses the benefits of digital health in dentistry.

2. Health information that can be exchanged securely

Getting identities right in clinical communications 

Correctly identifying providers is a non-negotiable requirement for secure clinical messaging.
Protect your healthcare consumers from the latest online threats

Explore the latest resources for individuals and small businesses about online threats and how they can be avoided.

3. High-quality data with a commonly understood
 meaning that can be used with confidence

Interoperability: what we can learn from overseas 

We take a look at interoperability frameworks in the US and Europe and what they could mean for Australia.

4. Better availability and access to prescription
 and medicines information

"I can see what has been dispensed and what has been prescribed by other doctors...allergies from all sources...and if the patient has recently spent time in hospital."

5. Digitally enabled models of care that improve
 accessibility, quality, safety and efficiency

Putting digitally enhanced models of care to the test

It is vital that digital technologies are rigorously tested and their benefits proven in real-world environments (i.e. “test beds”), prior to being scaled up to the whole of the Australian health system. 

6. A workforce confidently using digital health
technologies to deliver healthcare

Linking up with Allied Health

The Agency is collaborating with the Allied Health Professions Australia to explore how digital technologies can help health professionals to improve health outcomes for their patients.
Collaborating with Primary Health Networks across the country

The PHN workshops are an opportunity to work with our key delivery partners to ensure every Australian knows about My Health Record.
Getting the word out about My Health Record

We chat with Karen Sims from Eastern Melbourne's Primary Health Network, who is on the ground talking about the benefits of My Health Record.
Agency webinar series 2018 

The Agency is hosting a series of My Health Record webinars to help busy healthcare providers get up to speed on My Health Record.

7. A thriving digital health industry
delivering world class innovation

See the future. Build the future.

The strategy looks ahead to envision the ways that digital health technologies can improve the lives of Australians. “By enabling the app developers and the start-ups to create really great apps…will create more choice to help people manage their health and get better outcomes”.
Helping the developer community to innovate

Our Developer Centre provides easy-to-use guides and resources for developers who want to integrate digital health innovation into their platforms.